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Courses available for International Students in Italy

Italy is a country in the heart of Europe, with a rich cultural heritage and a thriving economy. The country has some of the best universities in the world, and it attracts many international students every year.

The Bel Paese (beautiful country) of the world attracted more than 10% of international students of 2017-18 to abroad studies. Having the most highly cultured and honourable historical background, Italy is the attraction hub for both tourists and students from all around the world.

If you are looking for a course to Study in Italy that will give you the skills and knowledge to pursue your profession, there are many vast scoping courses available in Italy from all around the world to opt-in English and other languages. But, it is also important to find the best course for your needs.

Whether you’re just starting out or have studied before, there’s a course for every level of expertise in Italy. Here are the top six courses to study in Italy for International Students.

1. Study Design Courses in Italy

Studying Fashion or Interior Designing in Italy can be a dream for most aspirants. Home to the brands like Gucci, Ferragamo, and Prada, Italy provides a rich heritage to study from in and out of the classrooms. Italy has been known to be the most impactful in design and art movements, including the rationalism and futurism theories with figures such as Sironi, Pistoletto, and Marinetti to drive inspiration.

There’s no better place to study Fashion design than the place it originated from, the country does not let its tradition fade away as it holds exhibitions and events each year to keep the students motivated and engaged in their studies. Some of the most famous events in the world of design and fashion include the Milan Fashion Week, International Leather & Furs Exhibition, Homi, Milan Furniture Fair, and Milano Unica.

Courses in Design offered in Italy include Masters in Design, Interior Design, Car and Fashion Design, Accessory Design and Marketing of Luxury Goods, Business Design, etc. One can learn from:

  • Istituto Marangoni International

  • Public University in Milan

  • Polimoda

  • Accademia Italiana

  • Istituto Europeo di Design

  • Accademia Costume e Moda

2. Study Architecture and Arts Courses in Italy

Architecture could not be fitted simply in design courses as the category is too vast and versatile when it comes to studies in Italy. You get to learn art even from the roads and streets as the cities are filled with Architectonic sculptures from early Roman times.

The benefits of studying abroad Architecture in Italy are endless but mainly the fact that you gain a ‘Blue diploma’ at the end of the architectural degree which is valid throughout Europe is a major advantage of it. Some of the universities where one can opt for an architectural degree are:

  • Sapienza University of Rome

  • Politecnico di Milano

  • Iuav University of Venice

  • Politecnico di Torino

  • University of Bologna

3. Study Area and Cultural Studies Courses in Italy

Standing as a unique and highly versatile nation, Italy is the perfect place to opt for Area and Cultural Studies courses. To live in Italy, you must study the language and will be automatically inheriting the culture in your daily life. Archaeology, art, and history all come together in the cities filled with Greco-Roman history. You can get diplomas, short courses, PG degrees, or certificates in Area and Cultural Studies courses from Italy.

Some of the most prestigious universities that date back hundreds of years are providing these courses in the domain as follows:

  • ASERI – MA Middle Eastern Studies

  • ALMED – Arts & Philosophy – MA Cultural Diplomacy

  • Rome School of Communication – MA Arts Management IED Rome

  • Tor Vergata University of Rome – PG Degree in Tourism Strategy, Cultural Heritage and Made in Italy

4. Study Business & Management Courses in Italy

Business administration is a vastly opted course in Italy that lets students acquire knowledge in domains of business management, theories, and policies. Moreover, Learning business administration in Italy also gives you the upper hand on a higher level of employment opportunities and world-class experiences in the business community with rewarding positions. This course covers topics such as international business, marketing, finance, and accounting.

Many top-tier institutes are offering these and many other courses through long-term degrees, summer courses, short workshops, and UG courses, some of the best ones are:

  • Alma Mater Studiorum

  • University of Turin

  • LUISS Guido Carli

  • SDA Bocconi School of Management

  • Bocconi University

5. Study Hospitality & Tourism Courses in Italy

Italy attracts and facilitates tourism on a level that no other country can match. The beautiful cities filled with culture and sights to explore provide ample opportunities for the field of tourism and hospitality. You get to learn the courses of this domain through experiencing the real Italy on your own, some of the courses available in this area include:

  • BA Tourism Management

  • BBA in Sustainable Hospitality Management

  • BA in Hospitality Innovation and e-Tourism

  • BA Economics and Business Management

6. Study Science and Technology in Italy

Home to the honourable Galileo Galilei, science owes a great margin of respect to Italy. It is the perfect place to study science due to the quality education that the institutes provide on a practical and theoretical basis. The ancestral universities go through Science studies through many courses including Atmospheric Science and Technology, Statistical Science, Forest, and Climate Science, Earth, and Material Sciences, Biological and Computer Sciences, etc.

Technology courses are rapidly opted for by international students as the high-tech facilities of the universities make the hands-on experience worth rooting for. Moreover, Italy holds the repute as the foremost Europe country in technology as it consists of more than 105,000 high-tech companies.

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