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How Students should apply for study visa for various countries to get the visa quickly and smoothly

This is the time of the year when our students heading to various countries accept their offers, pay the tuition fee, finalize their housing, and then start getting their Visas. The student Visa process for all countries is pretty simple and straightforward. If you have your documents in order, filing the Visa application online and submitting the documents can be effortless. While most countries require more or less similar documents, the Visa application process and checklist are mentioned below for a few popular destinations.

US F1 Visa

If you hold an offer from a US university, you need to apply for the I-20 to file your Visa application. This document is issued by the University. All you need to do is submit to them a copy of your passport, six months' bank statement showing sufficient funds to cover one year’s tuition and living expenses, and a sponsor letter from your parent(s) if they are paying for your education and living expenses.

After you receive the I-20 you will fill out the DS 160 non-immigrant Visa form, pay the SEVIS and Visa fees, and take an appointment for biometrics and an interview at a centre of your choice.

The documents you need to take with you for the Visa appointment are:

  • A printed copy of your Visa appointment letter

  • Your DS-160 confirmation page

  • Your current and all old passports

  • A Form I-901 SEVIS fee receipt indicating the SEVIS fees

  • Supporting documents: Documents demonstrating strong financial, social, and family ties to your home country that will compel you to return to your country after your program of study in the United States ends.

  • Financial and any other documents you believe will support your application and which give credible evidence that you have enough readily-available funds to meet all expenses for the first year of study and that you have access to funds sufficient to cover all expenses while you remain in the United States.

  • Original copies of bank statements or original bank books.

  • If you are financially sponsored by another person, proof of your relationship to the sponsor (such as your birth certificate), the sponsor's most recent original tax forms and the sponsor's bankbooks and/or fixed deposit certificates.

  • Academic documents that show scholastic preparation. Useful documents include offer letters, scholarship letters, I-20, official High School transcripts, SAT and Toefl scores (for undergraduates), degree transcripts, degree certificates and GRE/GMAT scorecards (for graduate students).

The Visa interview will last for about three to four minutes. You have to be confident and impress the Visa officer in that short time. The questions they are likely to ask are why you wish to study in the US and more importantly that particular university, did you apply to any other university, what about this university appealed to you more than the others, your career goals, and plans after you complete your studies.

They will want you to be completely aware of what the course and the living expenses are going to cost you. You need to show them proof that you have sufficient funds to take care of your financial needs. You also need to convince them that you will come back to India after your studies.

UK Tier 4 general student Visa

Once you have an unconditional offer, you will receive your CAS (confirmation of acceptance of studies) from the university. You have to submit to the university a one-month bank statement showing sufficient funds to cover tuition and living expenses for one year. If you are being sponsored by your parents, you need to provide a sponsor letter and your birth certificate.

Document checklist for your Visa:

  1. Carry all your passports (old and new), originals and a copy

  2. Visa application form

  3. Visa appointment E-mail copy

  4. IHS payment E-mail copy

  5. Passport-size photos

  6. CAS

  7. Offer letter

  8. TB test report

  9. Birth certificate

  10. Loan letter if any

  11. Parent's sponsor letter

  12. Official high school transcripts and IELTS for undergraduate students. Degree certificate and degree transcripts in addition for Graduate applicants.

  13. Housing details if any

Canadian study permit:

Checklist: SDS category- [Student direct stream category]

  1. Passport scan copy (Both bio pages)

  2. Unconditional offer (Letter of acceptance)

  3. One-year tuition fee receipt

  4. GIC certificate(CAD 10,000)

  5. IELTS overall score 6.0 band with no band less than 6.0 in each

  6. All Academics coloured scan copies(9th,10th,11th,12th) for undergraduate applicants, degree certificates and transcripts for graduate applicants.

  7. Medicals certificate

  8. Visa SOP (letter of intent addressed to the Visa officer seeking study permit)

  9. Updated resume

  10. Student work experience (along with all the appointment letters, relieving letters and last 3-6 months’ pay slips) if any.

  11. Digital photo (JPEG format) as per the Canadian specifications.

  12. Any Immigration History (if any)

  13. Parents' date of birth (Parent's Aadhar cards/Student Aadhar copy)

  14. Financial documents:

• Any bank statement showing minimum funds(4-5L) in the student's or parent's name.

• Sponsor affidavit of support (On Rs 100/- Indian stamp paper) if applicable

New Zealand student Visa

  1. Certified copies of academic certificates and transcripts

  2. Sop and Resume

  3. Offer letter from the university

  4. Scholarship letter if any

  5. Tuition deposit fee paid receipt

  6. Housing deposit fee paid receipt if any

  7. Proof that you can meet the institution’s English language requirements (IELTS / Toefl/ PTE)

  8. A recent passport-size photograph

  9. If you are under 18 years, a written guarantee from the institution or authorised person that suitable accommodation is available to you in New Zealand

  10. Certificate to prove you are a Bonafide student

  11. Police clearance certificate from your local police station

  12. Medical records: Chest X-ray for NZ Visa

  13. Proof that you have enough money for tuition and living costs while studying in NZ

  14. Open an ANZ Bank A/C and transfer 15,000 NZD for living expenses.

  15. Loan sanction letter if any

  16. Parent’s Bank statement for the last three months

  17. Parents' IT returns for the last three years (if available)

  18. Passport copy (first and last pages)

  19. Birth certificate

  20. Flight tickets if any

  21. Sponsor letter from a parent

  22. Capability certificate from the bank on the bank manager’s letterhead

  23. Financial affidavit provided by NZ immigration.

Australian Visa Checklist:

  1. Passport (All pages)

  2. Academic documents (10th, 12th, degree certificate, degree transcripts, IELTS)

  3. Work experience if any (offer letter, pay slips, bank statements and ITR if applicable, one reference from the company, full name and mobile number)

  4. IELTS / PTE

  5. Educational loan (Loan sanction, disbursement letter)

  6. Property documents

  7. Summary of funds

  8. SOP

  9. Bank account statement (mother and father - latest three months)

  10. ITRs (Mother, father and sponsor)

  11. Partner’s ID proof

  12. Student ID proof

  13. Siblings' ID proof (Aadhar card)

  14. Sponsor ID proof and relation proof

  15. CA Report and affidavits

German student Visa application

  • A valid Indian passport.

  • Two copies of the passport’s bio page. Scan the pages of the passport containing your personal information and photos in A4 format.

  • German national Visa application form. Submit two completed and signed copies.

  • Letter of acceptance in university, language school, or preparatory college. The language of instruction for the courses should be specified in the letter. Submit the original letter along with two copies.

  • If the letter of acceptance does not specify that you are proficient in the language of instruction, also submit a certificate of Language Proficiency in level B2, at least. Submit the original certificate along with two copies.

  • APS certificate. Issued by the APS (Academic Evaluation Centre).

  • Three Visa photos

  • Your academic certificates/qualifications. Submit the original copy of any of these documents along with two copies

  • Your resume.

  • Proof you can fund your studies (blocked account). In most cases, you must submit a confirmation for a blocked account or a scholarship. If someone is sponsoring you, submit a Letter of Sponsorship.

  • Travel health insurance for a German Visa.

  • Demand Draft

  • Declaration form for additional contact and legal representation information. Submit two completed and signed copies.

  • Printout of the document checklist signed.

  • Finally, one last piece of advice: Irrespective of the country you are going to, you have to convince the Visa officer that you intend to return to India after your studies.

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